sallythelady said: Oh gosh! You are cute!!

Asdfghjkl thank you!! You guys are totally going to make me start believing that!

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Anonymous said: You didn't miss me, and those people were right you are adorable :)

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Anonymous said: You're so beautiful!!! :)

Aw shucks, thank you so much! :) But seriously though these messages just make me react like this:

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Anonymous said: Please do 1, everyone says you're cute but I always miss it when you put your picture up.

I hope I didn’t miss you anon, because here you go :)

gogrool said: random q: how do you think meg (hercules) and elsa would get along if they were to meet somehow? -asking this specifically because you're another meg fan- p.s you're really freakin' cute ok, omg save some for the rest of us.

I guess it would really depend if we’re talking about each character at the beginning or end of their respective movies. Because in the beginning they’re both so guarded and reserved. Elsa shuts herself away and Meg hides behind her sarcasm. So while I don’t see them not getting along, I don’t see them getting to know each other. But if we’re talking about the end of their movies I think they would be good friends. In some ways I think they’d clash but I think they would appreciate each other and enjoy sharing sly remarks with each other. I see their senses of humor being very similar.

p.s. I cannot accept that ps because totally not even! if anything I need to steal some cute from you guys!

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I’m never going back, the past is in the past!

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Into The Woods (December 25, 2014)